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Jacob's Island SHD

Hibernia Star Limited, intend to apply to An Bord Pleanála for a 10 year Permission for a Strategic Housing Development at Jacob’s Island, Ballinure, Mahon, Cork.

The development will consist of the construction of 489 no. apartments, creche and offices in 5 no. blocks ranging in height from part-1 to part-8 no. storeys over lower ground and semi-basement podium levels. The proposed development is located adjacent to a Strategic Housing Development permitted by ABP-301991-18 and amended by ABP-310378-21 containing 6 no. blocks (Blocks 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 & 10) with existing Blocks 1, 2, 5 & 6 constructed on foot of T.P. 24609/00.

The development will contain 1 no. studio, 161 no. 1 bedroom apartments and 327 no. 2 bedroom apartments.

  • Block 11 is part-3 to part-6 no. storeys over semi-basement podium and lower ground levels and will contain 101 no. apartments.
  • Block 12 is part-1 to part-4 no. storeys over undercroft car parking and lower ground level office building (4,112 sq m) comprising 2,934 sq m of office floor area.
  • Block 13 is part-2 to part-8 no. storeys over lower ground levels and will contain a crèche over 2 no. levels (381 sq m) and 39 no. apartments.
  • Block 14 is part-3 to part-6 no. storeys over lower ground level and contains 130 no. apartments.
  • Block 15 is part-3 to part-6 no. storeys over semi-basement, podium and lower ground level and contains 219 no. apartments and ancillary resident amenity spaces (576 sq m).

Blocks 12 and 13 will contain ancillary commercial areas including a creche (381 sq m) and offices (4,112 sq m). The development will also contain supporting internal resident amenity spaces (576 sq m) and external communal amenity spaces.

The proposed development also provides for hard and soft landscaping, boundary treatments, public realm works, car parking, bicycle parking, bin stores, signage, lighting, PV panels, sprinkler and water tank, substations, plant rooms and all ancillary site development works above and below ground.

An Environmental Impact Assessment Report and a Natura Impact Statement have been prepared in respect of the proposed development.